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Episode 15: Dragon Con 2016

We are finally making our triumphant return after several months away! A combination of conflicting schedules, a month-long "cleanse," and flat out laziness kept us from recording but we are back and better than ever. During what is our longest episode to date, we discuss our recent trip to Dragon Con in Atlanta.  We will cover our favorite costumes, favorite vendors/comic artists/panels, things we loved about Con, things we regret not doing and give some tips for people new to Con.  Then we answer a small backlog of listener questions. It really is a very long episode. We're BACK!!

Beers We Are Enjoying During This Episode:

Revolution Brewing's Rosa Hibiscus Ale

Bailey as Hannah from Rat Queens (and another one)
Drew withMoogles


Episode 14: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The Beers:

This week we take a trip to the theater, Aldi and the Georgia Aquarium.  And then we find our new home in Eoreza in Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

We got an Aldi!
Sea Otters are adorable
The Glow Bowl! Get Yours Today!
The Adam Levine Fan Club! (ALFC)


Episode 11: Bailey v. The Wind Waker

We are back from an unexpectedly long hiatus! This week, we talk about all things Zelda. More specifically, Bailey's recent attempt at playing and completing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.  Drew loves the Zelda franchise, while Bailey does not. We discuss what we like and don't like about Zelda games, our favorite songs from the soundtracks, and answer listener questions about our gameplay experience. Also featured: sexy hockey players, Drew's secret love of Fallout Boy, a discussion of our favorite incarnation of Batman, and dick slap videos. But more importantly, dick slap videos. It's good to be back.

Beers We Are Drinking This Week:

Great Divide Claymore Scotch Ale 

Shiner Ruby Redbird 

Dick Slap Videos 1 and 2 (NSFW!!)


Episode 10: Until Dawn

In this week's episode, we talk about our experience (kind of) playing the survival horror adventure game Until Dawn for Playstation 4.  Also featured: recapping our trip to the big city, lots of food talk, iOS games we've been playing this week, and telling the story of Bailey standing up Drew and then our inevitable first date/kiss/living room mattress encounter.  It's a fun, sexy time for everyone.

Beers We Are Enjoying This Week:



Episode 9: If We Could Live in a Video Game…(with Special guest Sam Williams)


In this week's episode we have our first guest host, Mr. Samuel Williams, join us to answer a very important listener question: If we could live in any video game world, which one would we live in and why? We discuss A LOT of awesome game worlds as well as discussions of Valentine's Day, strip clubs, and our top 5 celebrity get-away lists. Also, a nipple gets lit on fire. 

This week's beverages:

Episode 8: First Impressions of Final Fantasy Explorers and The Divison

On this very special episode of Hops and Heroes, we take some cheap shots and then use neti pots. We have a thorough discussion of specialty-flavored beers and hard ciders, but eventually get into our first impressions of Final Fantasy Explorers for the 3ds and Tom Clancy's The Division Beta for PS3. Don't worry, we also answer your listener questions.
What we are drinking this week:


Episode 7: Earthbound and Pork Week!


This week's episode is a little light on show notes because Bailey had a migraine, but I'm trying to fill in.

BiBimBap *with Pork
Sharks Hoodie from Fangamer
Bailey loves True Blood 
And her new David Bowie Album
Is Paul secretly the Mayor of Onette?
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Episode 6: New Year, New Games


For our first episode of the new year, we decided to keep it simple and talk about some of the new games we got for Christmas, including The Witcher 3, Lego Dimensions, and Hyrule Warriors. We had a fun, sexy time recording this episode. Bonus features include: Bailey testing out the furry lifestyle, how Drew REALLY lost his virginity, and some very attainable and realistic New Year's Resolutions that aren't ridiculous at all.



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