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Episode 22: Our Triumphant Return and Marvel Heroes Omega

June 9, 2017

We took a not-so-brief hiatus to do life things like get engaged and become gym people.  But now we are back, way better and even more engaged. Did we mentioned we are getting married? We have also spent our time away playing some great games! Drew talks about the games he's been playing, Bailey talks about the games she has not been playing. We completely forget to talk about our time at MomoCon. We do talk at length about our experience playing the Ps4 beta for Marvel Heroes Omega. To finish off our epic return, we create our RPG parties solely out of 90's sitcom characters.  Also, one of us is not wearing pants. WE'RE BACK!!


Konig Ludwig Weissbier

Kona Brewing Company's Lemongrass Luau

New Belgium Citradelic


Tales of Berseria 

Velvet Crowe

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Player Unknown Battlegrounds

Persona 5

Marvel Heroes Omega

Ghost Rider



Final Fantasy 10

Dr. Strange

Stefan Urquelle

The Urkel Dance


Kimmy Gibbler

Cody Lambert

Mr. Feeny